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Back Office

To perfectly compliment our call centre, Mango has developed a range of additional back office solutions; we are a “one stop shop”!

Offering services such as fulfilment, PSMS integration, data cleansing, data entry and response handling, Mango can manage your campaign from start to finish.

An in-house IT team of developers and analysts means that these aspects of your campaign are not treated as “add-ons” but as an integral part of your campaign setup; just as important as making sure your script is ready and your team trained.

Our expertise in these areas means that even if you are just thinking about testing some of these services, we can make sure the process is easy and hassle free.


  • ■ Fulfilment
  • ■ Postage
  • ■ Data Cleansing
  • ■ SMS and PSMS Integration
  • ■ Data Purchase and Management
  • ■ Response Handling
  • ■ Data Entry
  • ■ Print and Design
  • ■ Email Marketing
  • ■ NGN Rental